Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Dad's Wedding Journal

During the months leading up to my daughter's wedding, I wrote a copious amount of material from a Dad's perspective.  Dad's perspective, of course, is skewed and given to emotional outbursts.

Still, I did write a few decent pieces about weddings, including this other poem that I considered reading (but did not).

But here it is:

On My Daughter's Wedding Day

How lovely your years have collided on this day
Of laughter, love, and indelible light,
Your face a flower, your dress a bouquet
Of memories in white.

Your smile and beauty makes your father blessed,
Though as I grieve your years exhaled
I wish I could through love's excess
Redeem where I have failed.

I see you slip away, coiled in his arms,
My child, my fair phenomenon,
Desiring to save you both from this world's harms
And kiss you with a song.

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