Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why Do You Keep Writing?

Every now and again my wife will ask me, "Why do you keep writing?" or "Why don't you just give up?"

Short answer: There's always the slim chance--though slimmer all the time--that someone might actual purchase one of my books. I might actually make some money from writing words some day.

Last week I read that the average "writer" in America makes less than $20,000 in a year. I was surprised it was this high. I've never made that in a year from writing, not even close. But there are people out there who make millions (some, even, tens of millions a year) so that must bring that average up to that $20,000 a year figure.

So, I always answer in the same fashion. "I'm writing for the money, baby." I'm still holding out the hope that someone, other than my relatives (and the people I bribe) might buy one of my books at the bookstore. And if they do, I'll get a royalty. Something like 75 cents a book. Heck, I'm going to buy another cup of coffee right now!

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