Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Number 150

I note that my last blog was number 150. Seems like I just started writing this thing, but I guess the blog fever takes over.

I'm not sure what reading and writing insights I'll have in my next 150 blogs, but thus far in my life, I have had no dirth of books to read or ideas to write about. So I guess the words will continue to roll.

However, just so my faithful readers might know what to expect, I am planning on writing about the following in the coming weeks:

A book written by a married couple who "did it" for 101 straight days. (My wife and I will be reading this book and making our plans.)

A book about how all 50 states got their current shapes. (Who was the doofus who came up with Indiana, by the way, and why can't we work out an arrangement to be merged with Hawaii?)

A best-selling novel about a deaf mute who communicates through dogs. (Currently, my dog communicates through me.)

I'll also write about my latest writing exploits, about requests from crazy editors (I hope they don't read my blog), and about my "writing closet". Tune in. You won't want to miss any of the fun.

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