Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finding Editors

This week I've been searching for editors . . . not in the hide-n-seek sort of way, but via the internet. In particular, I've been trying to locate an editor, any editor, who might take a peek at a book proposal written by two pastors.

Funny thing, how these editors can hide. I've sent emails, made a few phone calls, even threatened bodily harm ("answer your phone or I'm coming down there with two guys named Vinnie and Earl and they'll offer you some persuasion!") . . . still, the editors remain elusive.

But I'm not giving up. Next week, if I don't hear from these people, I'm pulling out the heavy artillery. Some ideas:

I'll find the cell phone numbers and begin to call incessantly until I get an answer.
I will inundate these editors with piles of my college poetry, written in Elizabethan English, and with no attached return postage.
I will threaten to cut off my index fingers (I mean it this time!!!!) if they don't read my manuscript.

Hurry up, Mr. Editor. Lord, I don't want to lose my digits!

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