Monday, December 16, 2013

Big Boy

I just finished my Big Boy . . . which is to say, the largest book manuscript I have ever written.  It's nearly 500 pages, complete with bibliography, glossary, appendices, and footnotes.  It's a Big Boy.  And I wrote the 90,000-word manuscript in nine months (that's 10,000 words a month according to my limited mathematical abilities).

But now that the Big Boy manuscript is complete, I can focus on Short Stuff for a few months.  I've got other Big Boys waiting in the wings, but I need a break.  I can only bite off so much at a time.

I'm grateful for the Big Boy . . . it's a book that will likely be published at the tail end of 2014, a hardback that may be translated into other languages and cross-over between academia and a general audience.  Or, at least, that's the plan.

Still, I'm glad to have the Big Boy behind me.  No doubt I'll have to work with the editor and publisher on this book throughout 2014, and that's often the tougher writing, but at least the submittable draft is complete and now I can press on toward other goals.

And speaking of goals, I've got to schedule an appointment with my wife.  I haven't seen much of her this year.  I wonder what she has been up to?  Word has it that she has a new job.  I wonder . . . would she like to go to Burger King for dinner?    

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