Monday, November 19, 2012

Writing Ahead

Knowing full well that December is a hectic month, I've tried to write ahead and complete all of my December and January assignments.  So, over the weekend, I produced nine columns, three book reviews, and four 1,000-word essays in addition to assorted odds-and-ends, pastoral letters, and this blog.  Done and done.

All of this was helped by the fact that Becky was attending an Indiana principals conference at the Convention Center this weekend.  Hence, total peace.  Quiet.  No TV.  And room to write.

But now that I'm two months ahead, I hope to concentrate on the fun stuff:  short stories, book proposals, selling poems on the street.  I'll have a donut, drink coffee, and put a new coat of duct tape on the truck.  

All of this to say that as I ease into this Thanksgiving week, I might even be able to carve out some time to eat a turkey sandwich.  

Soon I hope to discuss these things with my wife.  Perhaps I'll see her on Thanksgiving morning and ask, "What's the plan?"

If she's not too tired, we might even read the morning paper together or watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade . . . if I can get reception on the rabbit ears.  And as for food, we can probably find something in the freezer to defrost.  Last time I looked, we still had a package of wieners. 

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