Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Vote

My day began with unlocking the church at 4:30 a.m. (voting location), proceding to the gym, and then home for coffee and writing.  I plan to vote later this afternoon.  I've tried desperatly to strip myself of all political ads and sound-bites this year, watching only two hours of TV in the past three weeks, going unplugged, nearly Amish.  I've spent my mornings and evenings close to the bone (and close to home), reading and writing like a madman, pursuing publishers (and some pursuing me), and staying connected to editors.  I feel more energized in these Luddite tendencies, and it's a life I could get used to.

I did, however, take some time this morning to locate a decent poem from my poetic journal (this one written on April 13 of this year).  Might be worth sharing on this election day (though it has nothing to do with politicians). It's really about people (and some Saints) and the long line up of eternity. 



A few are squares
Living in dark holes
Or pegs that do not fit,
While some, rectangular,
Portion days like blocks
Of calendar
Wholly separate.
And others are triangular
In approach or benefit,
Neither saint, nor sage,
Nor hypocrite,
But loops and parallels
And lines that defy
A measurement.
The world is round.
And that’s the shape of it.

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