Wednesday, November 28, 2012


One of the fascinating features of daily blogging is tracking the number of "hits" a particular post generates.  Some blogs don't get many hits.  Others get 4X or even 10X more than average.

In January of 2012 I began writing another blog that I entitled, "Manopause.  (  Interestingly enough, more people have read my Manopause posts than have read Between Pages in this calendar year--especially when I include those same posts on the website.  I guess this means people would rather read my humorous take on the "trials and terrors of the mid-life male" than about my "reading and writing exploits". 

I do plan on discontinuing Manopause at the end of this year, however, unless there is a great cry from the camp.  I'm thinking about some new blogs in 2013, including one that I plan to entitle, "Joking with Jesus".  I thought it could be a fun read:  a monthly-magazine format of spiritual levity (perhaps at the expense of some TV evangelists, big name church gurus, etc.  But, of course, I'll be sure to place myself at the head of the satire line along with my beloved United Methodist Church.  I never dish out satire about others unless I can dish it to myself first.  And since I ain't Jesus, I'll head the line.)

Either way, thanks for continuing to read Between Pages.  After five years and fast approaching 1500 individual blog posts, I continue to be amazed that I have anything to write about at all . . . but then, I also write weekly and monthly blogs for other magazines, too.  I guess I have diarrhea of the brain.  You want a thought . . . I've got one.  An editor wants a 1000 word essay on "Ten Creative Uses for Old Lava Lamps" . . . I'm the man.  My wife craves a hot love poem . . . I'll give her twenty (she can take her pick).

Thanks for tuning in.  See you here again tomorrow.  You know I'll be writing something to read.



Aaron Helman said...

I'd like to think that I deserve some of the credit (or blame?) for these 1500 posts. Congratulations!

Todd Outcalt said...

I blame you entirely!