Monday, September 3, 2012

Working on Labor Day

One thing I've learned over the years:  many editors work on holidays.  They must.  On Sunday night I received an array of correspondence from editors informing me that they were:

a. Rejecting a short story that I had sent to an inaugural issue of a literary magazine.

b. Inviting me to write a blog.

c. Informing me of an upcoming publication that includes my work.

d. Accepting a poem I had written for my daughter's wedding (but not the one I read at my daughter's wedding) that will be published in an October literary magazine.

Quite a diversity here.  Almost enough to inspire me to work overtime in the week ahead.  Rising extra early.  Enduring into the night. 

This list reminds me that are still editors out there who will say yes.  And some of them even invite me to submit additional work.  I like this about these Labor Day editors.  They don't rest on holidays.

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