Friday, September 14, 2012

They Like Me . . . Well, Some Editors Really Like Me!

In the past week I've had two accolades that have, quite frankly, made my day.  The first came from an editor who confirmed that she wanted me to become a weekly columnist for her magazine . . . like, a regular contributor, a real Jim-Dandy . . . and paid at that!  (Not much pay, but I can buy a jar of peanut butter now and then.)

The second accolade came from yet another editor at a literary magazine who, after rejecting my work in usual pattern, at last wrote back to tell me:  "I always look forward to your submissions.  You are one of the most interesting and wide-ranging writers I've never met.  Keep sending!  I'm a fan, but just can't squeeze your humor in this time."


So . . . I'm interesting and wide-ranging, but what does that get me but some feel-good topping to a very busy week?  Still, when all is said and done, I'd rather write for a readership than I would write for an editor who thinks I'm interesting and decent and moral and kind and thrifty and clean.

In truth, I'm none of the latter (though I might be moral and thrifty) . . .but I never wash my socks . . . so decent and clean?  Well . . . .

It is a fine thing, though, to have regular assignments as a writer.  A monthly column.  Now a weekly column.  A daily blog.  It all keeps one rather busy and well-rehearsed while writing on the big stuff.  And there's always big projects, too. 

Thanks to Nick and Amy for making me week, though.  I hope I don't let you down and inadvertently send in my recipe book that reveals how I mix my cans of Chef Boy-R-Dee, or how I can take an ordinary wedge of cheese with, say, mold two-inches deep and turn it into a bitchin' cheese pasta.  I hope I don't accidentally send in the romantic letters I've been writing to my wife for three decades (and which she never reads) mistaking them for some type of romantic novel.  And I hope you don't read my blogs.

I'd like to keep my writing jobs intact.  God knows I need the outlet.  It's been months now since I sold a longer manuscript, and I'm getting backed up. 

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