Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Man on the Street

I write all types of poetry.  Some wacky. (Some, insanely wacky and warped.)  Some romance.  Some that others might even find offensive. But, in spite of evidence to the contrary . . . I also write a fair amount of social commentary.  In fact, most of my published poetry in the past year has been in the social vein . . . introspective and a tad disdainful, I'm afraid.

Recently The New Poet (www.thenewpoet.com) selected me as one of their ten featured poets.  I'm in Issue 3, and my poem is entitled "The Scarecrow".  Hope you like it . . . or, I should say, hope you find it a tad troubling.  It is a poem of reflection on a life-situation that we encounter far too often, and one we each try to resolve in our own way, or find difficult to resolve at all.  (Thanks, David, for including me in The New Poet.)

The poem is also a sonnet, but I wrote it in non-orthodox stanzas.  And, as memory serves, I wrote it in the car as I was driving home from a visit to Riley hospital (sans paper and pen, and complete from memory when I was finally able to lay it down proper on my computer).

But enough . . . hope you can visit The New Poet and have a read.  Issue 3.  "The Scarecrow".  I'm next to last, near the bottom of the issue. 

Photo credit:  Jacob Hawk

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