Friday, September 7, 2012


Photo (left):  August, 2001.  40-years and Hulk-green with envy (last place finish . . . but the biggest guy on stage)
Photo (right):  January, 2011.  51-years but still writing as a welter-weight

This, the last of my memoirs (, was a prelude to writing a plethora of books and articles about healing and wholeness back in 2002.  I was glad I had the stomach for it, and the muscle.

Now, I've come full-circle and I am writing once again on these themes. To date I've had a number of cancer-related poems accepted for publication and I've found myself writing articles on everything from colonoscopies to fitness to self-given testicular exams (important for younger men).  

My heavy-lifting days are behind me, but I'm producing language.  No more backspacing.  Everything in life is space bar and TAB. 

And as I get older, I know how to use all of the letters on the keyboard.

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