Monday, September 10, 2012


Recently, on whim, I purchased 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50.  Edited by Ronnie Sellers, it's not a bad book, though a bit heavy on the medical advice. But reading the 50-things reminded me that, all things considered, I've actually completed or accomplished a fair number of these, and some of the 50-things are actually more advice than accomplishments: such as "stay in shape" or "reappraise yourself."

Goals? Maybe.

But one does begin to hear the clock ticking post-50, and perhaps the wisest bits of advice arrive in the form of honesty and the peace required to admit that one cannot complete the life-list.  There is always too much too see, too much to do, far too little time remaining.

Most of the goals I would want to accomplish post-50 are not in the book.  But that's my book.

But of all the advice given in the Ronnie Sellers volume, I'd like to try this one from Garrison Keillor:  "Go without TV, newspapers, internet, or media for six months and just live a direct, experiential life."

Now, honestly, this could be enlightening.  And fun.  News?  Only the news of the street.  Entertainment?  Conversation, good meals, hikes, watching sunsets, reading and romance.  That should be enough, shouldn't it?

I doubt I could do it, but some day soon I may try.  I would have to convince Becky to go along, but she might. 

It could be fun to let every day unfold in its natural course, without any interventions or indoctrinations or set agendas centered around programming, time or expections.

So that's my new goal.  Someday.  When I am, of course . . . older.


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