Thursday, May 10, 2012

Real Moody

This week I read Rick Moody's (British Version) of his three novellas, published in England under the title, The Omega Force.  (Published in the U.S. under the title: Right Livelihoods.) The signature story in this collection, "The Albertine Notes", is a celebrated science fiction story about a futeristic drug that not only alters perceptions, but changes reality itself. 

Moody's various novels and tales are spun in various genres, and his memoir of depression, The Black Veil, is a book that I have had on my shelves for years, but have not yet had the stomach to read.

One has to be in a mood, I think, to read Moody. 

However, as I ventured forth through Moody's British version, I did so anticipating the publication of one of my own science fiction tales in the British edition, Morpheus Tales.  My story, "The Sea and All That is in It", is one that garnered a full slate of rejections in the U.S., but a story I knew was, nevertheless, a keeper and much worthy of place in someone's pages.  I am honored to be recognized by English editors!

I think I have all of Moody's books on my shelves--he's one I collect.  And someday, I hope to have a collection of my own science fiction stories.  I now have a bunch of 'em.

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