Monday, May 14, 2012


I noted this weekend that this blog has been visited by more than 30,000 "hits" . . . though I am not sure what this means.  As far as blogs go, I know it's not outstanding, as some blogs receive a million hits a day.  But there has been some consistency, I suppose, among some readers.  And so I thank you for reading this bit of humor.

Not long ago, someone asked me why I write blogs.  And here was my simple answer:  "Writing a blog is how I practice writing."  

Everyone needs to practice.  Painters, athletes, singers, actors . . . regardless of vocation . . . without practice one's skills rapidly deteriorate, muscles atrophy, the brain freezes, and vocal chords constrict.  A writer must always practice to write well . . . and this involves time, patience, and the day-by-day work of putting word to paper (or word to screen).

Anyone aspiring to write can't go wrong with practice.  Earlier in my life, I used to practice writing books by writing books.  I wrote entire books that I simply completed, placed on a shelf, or burned.  The goal wasn't the book, but the ability to complete a book.  The outcome wasn't meant to be art, but the goal of graduation to the next project.

I write blogs to practice, for the most part, humor (which, as most editors attest, is a most difficult form to write).  Writing my book reviews here, I also became adept at writing book reviews so that I could write book reviews.  Now I write books reviews for magazines. I can buy ham sandwiches or take my wife to Wendys (or not).

I also receive boxes of books.  This is another nice perk.  I get to read these books. And then I write about them.

I have written nearly 1,300 "Between Pages" blogs . . . all for practice.  

And after nearly five years . . . I guess practice is helping to make perfect.  But I have a long way to go.

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