Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The past week has offered me a wealth of interesting writing developments.  Among them:

The Good
    A couple of editors accepted my material and gave me some affirming words on a nice blend of genres, including a personal essay on death, a humor piece about the Greek debt, and a satirical poem.  I enjoyed showing off a range of work--some of it warped and weird, and the rest drop-dead serious.

The Bad
     A lot of rejections in the past five days.  I stopped counting at a dozen.  But then, I never keep track of rejections . . . you can ask my wife.  I just keep moving and try to look acceptable in blue jeans.  Sometimes I leave a suggestive note at the dinner table.  

And . . . The Ugly
     It is always frustrating to receive a lengthy hand-written rejection from an editor saying, "This one came close! Always love reading your work and I always welcome other submissions from you.  Keep sending my way."
     Well, that's nice . . . but I'd prefer the editor accept my best work when I send it.  I'm not so talented that I can write stellar material every night.  Sometimes an editor has to jump.
     All that ripe material, after all, doesn't grow on trees.          

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