Monday, May 7, 2012

Ode to Goober

George "Goober" Lindsey

Ode to Goober

He played his part well for a Goober,
The guy in the funny hat;
He could air up a tire or a tube or
Patch a hole in a flat.

His Mayberry talents were walking
Like Chester of Gunsmoke fame,
And he sewed up his fingers while talking
Like Cary Grant when he said Judy's name.

But Goober rarely dated,
He was celibate as could be.
And that's why the critics hated
The town of Mayberry.

Who, after all, but Pyles
And Floyds and Crumps and Fifes
Could manage such pleasant smiles
Without husbands and wives?

But now that Goober's gone
I guess it's safe to say
That he never "got it on"
And he never had a lay.

He may have kissed a girl
And he knew how to dance
But spoonin' in a curl . . . ?
Goober never had a chance.

He was, of course, a Goober
And a Pyle at that.
But we'll know him on the Tube for
The guy in the funny hat.

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