Monday, April 14, 2014

Third Time's a Charm

Back in January, Perigee (now part of the Random House family) published a third edition of Before You Say "I Do".  As far as I'm concerned it's the best edition, and by far the best cover, to date.  Most of all, I hope it is helpful to couples who are preparing for marriage--and I did my best to update this edition to reflect the newer realities of this digital-dating age and the growing marital stresses related to finances and debt.

So here we are . . . a third edition three months in and my "best-selling" book over the past sixteen years.

But relationships are tough, of course.  I am reminded of this reality every time I write a guest blog, complete an interview, or write an article.  My wife always chides me with comments like:  What do you know about love? or Do you really think other couples should be listening to you? or That's the best ya' got?

Okay . . . so I'm not a marital expert.  I'm just a guy who has officiated at hundreds of weddings, counseled an even greater number, and otherwise slogged through some very heated exchanges between disgruntled spouses.  Of course, my own marriage has never suffered from any of these deficiencies, and I remind my wife every week how fortunate she is.  Then, whatever she says in response is what I write into the books.  There must be some truth in there somewhere.

I don't know if there will be a 4th edition of this title.  But I'm very proud of edition #3.  Later this fall I hope to visit my friends at Perigee and personally thank them for making it possible.  I've got my New York plans, my New York schedule.  All I will need now is a New York minute.


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