Monday, April 28, 2014


The 2014 lineup:  Where in the World We Meet (poems); Husband's Guide to Breast Cancer; Before You Say "I Do" (third edition); For the Love of God.

Last week I received an invitation to speak at a church in North Carolina (in July).  Would have been nice--and a decent excuse for a summer interlude and a return to Duke--but alas, I'm overseas.  Gotta keep the wife happy with this 30th anniversary trip to Europe.  Heck, might be fun at that.

But the question did arise from the invitation . . . where can we find copies of your most recent books?  Today the answer may be obvious, but not to all.  Amazon ( and Barnes & Noble ( carry the full slate.  Just type my name in the search and away you go.

Another question of late . . . what are you currently writing?  Actually, I can't say or I'd have to kill somebody.  But suffice it say that I'm working on more projects than is actually healthy for any one individual or, as my wife reminds me daily, at an insane pace.  In truth, I'd need a committee of writers to meet all of these deadlines, but I'm still meeting them by myself, nonetheless.  Magazines, journals, poems, books . . . I'm carrying a full quiver and when I go to bed each night or when I arise before the sunrise each morning, I'm usually scurrying to finish a column or an essay or another chapter of a book before the editorial hammer falls. 

Anyway, I'm not complaining.  Working 100 hrs. a week is far better (to me) than being under-utilized, so I'll continue the insanity for as long as my legs will carry me.  I'm spending a bit more on coffee these days, but that's small potatoes.  And really, how much is a donut and a glass of protein?

I only hope folks will find the essays and books once I write them.

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