Tuesday, April 22, 2014


There are two milestones attached to this blog.  1. I've now written more than 1600 of these things.  2. I've now had more than 100,000 "hits".

I'm not sure about the significance of either milestone, but if I take an average of 400 words per blog post, I've written 640,000 words on my blog posts alone.  Given the fact that I have recently completed two "big" books of 80,000+ words each, that's equal to 8 such books.  I have no idea what 100,000 hits represents, but I have a feeling that it means I have a meager readership given the total number of blog posts and the number of years I've been posting here at toddoutcalt.blogspot.com.

I'm also not sure how many people find this blog entertaining, or helpful, or insightful or insane . . . but I see this blog as part of my output as a writer and it often serves as a practice forum for me as I attempt to complete other projects. 

At any rate, thanks for reading.  Every time I think I don't have any more blogs inside of me, I think of ten more . . . so you can anticipate that I'll continue here for some time in the near future. 


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LisaS said...

Looking forward to reading for many more years to come!