Monday, April 21, 2014

Poetry Readings

As noted in my most recent book--Where in the World We Meet: Poems--I've had my history with poetry readings.  But back then my hair and beard were long and most poetry readings were conducted in smoke-filled bars and coffeehouses (and not all of the smoke was tobacco, either). This was late 1970s, early 80s.

Now, most poetry readings are stylish affairs, conducted in bookstores and on stages.  Poetry readings also remind me of all the poems I memorized back when--and many that I can still recite line-for-line.

In the near future I know I will be participating in some readings.  I also hope to bring along some of the new to mix in with the old.  (I'll have some calendared dates very soon.)

And, since some people like to participate in poetry, let me offer one I'm currently working up.  It is a sonnet, and I have all but the last line composed (line 14).  Anyone want to take a stab at the last line of pentameter?

Good Intentions

I intended to tell you that I would buy the bread
I intended to haul the garbage to the curb
I intended to say “I love you” but instead

I offered up a platitude I’d heard

I intended to change the light bulb in the hall
I intended to leave the meeting early on

But my intentions were not fulfilled at all
And when I found my bearings they were gone

I intended to remember what you said
About the road to hell and how it’s paved

How life is short and soon we will be dead
And only in completion shall be saved

But my intentions like that loaf of bread


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