Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The New Orleans Public Library

Yesterday, upon my return home, I discovered a small box on the front porch.  It contained a hardback copy of my book, Candles in the Dark: A Treasury of the World's Most Inspiring Parables (John Wiley & Sons, NY, 2002).  This gift was surprising on two counts:  first, that this was the first hardback copy of the book I have owned (it was only published in trade paper), and secondly, that the book had been sitting on the shelves of the New Orleans Public Library for more than a decade.  Now, the book only exists in digital format (or as a remaindered title).

I have never been to New Orleans, but do plan to visit.  And now that the public library has gifted me with this book, I know I'm going to visit soon. 

The hardback copy of the book also arrives at a significant time, as I just signed a contract to write a new book about parables and teaching stories for another New York publisher--a book that will be published in hardback and, hopefully, translated into several languages.  I'm already nearly 30,000 words into this manuscript and writing F A S T.

Actually, I regard Candles in the Dark as my best book to date, so I'm eager to write a new book in a similar vein.  It's fun, and I now have more than enough to keep me up late and rising early.

Don't know when this new book will be published, but I don't worry about such matters.  Others can make those decisions.  I'll just make sure I deliver the goods.

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