Sunday, March 2, 2014

Behind the Oscars

For the most part, the Oscars are a showcase of "outfront" personalities--the pretty faces and famous names in front of the camera.  But secretly I enjoy the Oscars for the small, but essential awards and accolades given to the writers.  After all, none of the acting can happen without the words.  And words come from writers . . . those men and women who slave away in anonymity (for the most part) and who produce all of the screenplays and treatments.  Everything celebrated at the Oscars first began on the page.

If one listens closely enough, some of the actors who receive their awards will thank their writers, and sometimes note them by name (usually the person no one has heard of).  But awards are also given to best original screenplay and best screenplay adaptation (meaning it is a screenplay written from another work, or based on a work such as a novel or other original concept).

So, I'll be listening for the writers.  These are also going to be the most shabbily-dressed people in the crowd.  The writers are the ones who come forward to receive their awards dressed in pajamas and bath robes, their usual writing attire. 

And the movie that will win best screenplay?  No sure.  But some writer our there will be smiling. 

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