Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Five "W"s, Part Four

QuestionWhere do you write?

Answer: This is not being flippant, but I write on the computer.  I have been writing on the computer since 1985, when I purchased a Tandy 1000 (Radio Shack) with dual floppy drives and a green monochrome monitor for $1000.00.  Let me tell you, that was big money back then . . . my full time salary as a pastor in those days was $13,800, so I shelled out nearly 1/13 of my annual salary for the purchase.  I never regretted it.  (I'd still be writing on that Tandy if that system was compatible with Microsoft Word, and I still have the system stuffed into my closet along with dozens of those 6 inch floppy drives loaded with novels, short stories, and essays.)

There were a couple of computers since, but in 1999 I purchased a Compaq computer with the latest version of Microsoft Word loaded on it ('98) and updated the software on this machine a bit later.  This computer sits in my office at home, along with hundreds of 3 1/2 inch floppy drives . . . and I'm still using it.  I don't write so much on this machine any more, as it often sparks into flame and I have to blow it out . . . but I've been told that this computer, with its three fans inside, will never die. 

I do write on this computer from time to time when I need to find material that I've been working on for, say, over a decade.  Often, it takes me hours to find this material (I don't have my floppies labeled very well).

I typically write now on a Dell laptop that is six years old.  I write in my office at home.  I write on the couch (say, while I'm watching a Colt's game on TV as I did Sunday night).  I also write in bed (occasionally) and I write at a smaller desk in my home office that sits next to some built-in bookshelves that hold, now, nearly 1500 books.  I have also been known to write in the car, on airplanes, on buses, and while on vacation. 

I also write online (blogs) and I write for several magazines . . . that's another WHERE.  I currently write for book publishers in New York, Boston, Chicago, Florida, and Indianapolis.  And I write for magazines that are published in Nashville, Chicago, and Indianapolis.

And as of this week, I just learned that I'm going to be writing (as a guest blogger) for several other folks in other cities around the country. 

If you need to know "what" I write or "when" I write . . . see my previous blogs.  And if you need to know "why" I write . . . that's my next post.

Until then . . . let me get back to this old keyboard.  Most of the letters are worn off the pad.  But that's okay.  After all these years, I just write by feel.

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