Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Be My Guest

In the coming weeks I will be a guest blogger for several sites, and I'm appreciative for the invitations.  But as I write for other blogs, I had a thought:  Would anyone want to be a guest blogger here?

How about it fans?  Anyone have a book to review?  A funny anecdote to share?  A point of writing advice you'd like to offer?  Or even some of your own writing that you'd like others to know about?

Keep in mind that over 4 1/2 people read this blog daily, so your exposure here would be life-changing.  If your blog is published, you will no longer have the ability to roam around in public without a disguise.  People will recognize you in the bathroom at Harry & Izzy's.  You won't be able to chew a decent mouthful of ravioli without being interrupted by some chain-smoker wanting an autograph.

Still . . . if there are people out there who want to roll the dice, please submit a guest blog for consideration to:

Blogs may also be submitted via snail mail to:

The Blogger Formerly Known as "Big Tater"
575 Northfield Dr.
Brownsburg, IN 46112    

I do invite you to be my guest.  And keep in mind that photos are also welcome.

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