Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guest in the House

Later this month I will be "guest blogging" on a number of breast-cancer related sites.  But I always feel a sense of pressure whenever I am, so to speak, being invited into another person's living room.  I don't want to spill my drink or step on the sleeping dog.  I'd hate to say something that is out of turn or offend my host.  I would prefer to enjoy the caviar.  And I don't need to stay long.  I'll take my leave quickly.

Guest blogging also fills me with a sense of trepidation . . . and if I ever do experience anything resembling "writer's block" it might occur when I'm asked to encroach upon another writer's space.  Writing a magazine article, or even a book, is quite a different matter.  It's a clean slate on those pages.  But a blog has a history.  And some blogs have large readerships.  I'm inside someone's personal space and I know it.

So, now I write.  But what do I write?  And how do I write it slant?

These are the questions I shall be mulling over the weekend, perhaps writing my blog posts early on Saturday morning or late Sunday night, maybe with donut in hand. 

I deserve a donut for these blog posts.  It's a frightening thing, after all, to appear at someone's front door without a gift.  I can't bring any bread, or wine, or a cake.  All I have are the words.  And sometimes these seem so inadequate.


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