Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to Britain

As my wife and I are planning a 30th wedding anniversary trip to Europe next summer, beginning in Ireland and England, I've been foraging for the best deals, the top sights, the workable itinerary.  But I'm also going back to England to write.

Last week I received word from an editor in London (thanks, Adam!) that he's going to publish yet another of my science fiction stories.  This chap has been good to me and seems to like what I write. 

And the day after I received this word, I learned that I'll be writing as a guest blogger for an English publication, this time writing about breast cancer-related themes to correspond with the publication of Husband's Guide to Breast Cancer.

It's a small world.

A short decade ago, writing for publications in England while living in the States would have been, at best, a lengthy and frustrating exchange.  But now it's achievable with the click of a mouse or a Skype conversation. 

These long-distance conversations are no longer science fiction, but reality.  And it's amazing how a guy sitting in a dark office in Brownsburg, hunkered at a keyboard illuminated by a 40-watt bulb, can write a piece at 3 a.m. and have it in England, ready for publication, by mid-afternoon Brit time. 

Not exactly "Beam me up, Scotty" material . . . but it'll do.


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