Friday, November 22, 2013

Speaking of Writing

Speaking of Writing . . . my calendar will soon be filled with so many speaking engagements, appearances, book-signings, and readings that I won't have time to write . . . which is what writing is about.  My December is rather flush now, but folks may see me at some of the few remaining bookstores, at some local open-mic nights, or at the Glick Museum for the author's fair late in the month.  (I'll be the lonely guy in the corner that no one is talking to.)

And peeking into 2014 (a mere seven weeks away gang!) I'll be offering some other writing workshops.  I enjoy assisting folks with their projects and helping others to make the connections.

At a Rotary meeting yesterday, where I spoke about being a writer (what could be more boring?), someone asked, "Have you ever suffered from writer's block?"

My answer was, "I don't think I have."

Oddly enough, I can't think of any time in my life when, if sitting down to write, I have come away empty-handed.  I have, however, suffered from other types of blockages such as:

Hamburger Helper Block
     This symptom occurs, usually, after I have cooked HH seven consecutive days for the family meal.  There is usually a revolt, with someone in the family suggesting I order Chinese take-out.  Anything!  But for the love of Mike no more Hamburger Helper! 

Hard Cheese Block
     This occurs if I have eaten too much cheddar.  Enough said.

Andy Griffith Block
      Not usually a factor, but sometimes my wife tries to hide my AG Show DVD's so I can't watch Earnest T. Bass.  She points out that I have seen each show at least twenty-five times and tries to block me from having romantic conversation kickstarted as a string of Barney Fife quotes.  (But listen, have you ever tried to woo a woman into bed by quoting Barney Fife?  It's quite the challenge!  Favorite romantic quote:  "From your head down to your feet, there is nothing half so sweet, as Nita, Nita, beautiful Juanite.")

Floodwater Block
     Occurs each spring when the creek rises at our house.

But enough of this . . . back to that blank page.


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