Thursday, June 6, 2013

Limericks For Annual Conference

I hope you enjoy this first installment of limericks for Annual Conference.

Lots to consider this year . . . and as we worship and deliberate and learn, I do hope we can all find some time to laugh.  Or, if you don't laugh at Annual Conference and have not since 1989, head over to the health screening and get yourself jabbed with a long needle.  You'll enjoy it.  Or, how about visiting the line for the pictorial directory?  Put on your best scowl and preserve yourself for posterity.

Happy Conferencing!

There once was a Conference in Kent
Who sang hymns wherever they went
But the rest were immune
To their message and tune
And could not figure out what they meant.

Some pastors once rewrote the Book
Of Discipline hoping they'd shook
Some outdated word
From the message they heard
But the court put them back on the hook.

A few pastors gathered to pray
At a conference one fine June day
But most were soon off
To drink coffee and golf
And the others drank beer in cafe.

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