Friday, June 28, 2013


Writing is a craft (even an art) that most-often requires an absurd degree of self-motivation and self-promotion.  In fact, a writer can grow weary--sickened even--by the constant burnishing of his own portfolio.  Personally, I find it increasingly difficult to promote anything other than my writing itself:  let the words, or the quality of the writing, speak for itself I often tell editors.  Please don't ask to me justify why one of my essays, or an article or a book, should be offered to the public based on who I am, or upon what I have produced in the past.  

This type of self-absorption--just described--does not serve writers well. 

Self-awareness, individuality, soul, spirit:  a writer needs these to plumb the depths of emotion, especially when writing memoir, ficton or poetry.  But it doesn't sit well at the keyboard otherwise.

That is why writers always feel a sense of elation when they are pursued by editors instead of having to purse these elusive creatures.  Such is the wonder of being asked to write an essay or a book review.  It's like being drafted.  Coming off the bench.  Being the 6th man. 

I've had a rare number of such drafts this year.  But I've loved them all.  I like it when editors offer me the job without my having to do the hard work of submission. 

I am always glad to be in the game.  Makes me feel good to come out of the bullpen from time to time.  But I'm still working on my repertoire.  So far my only pitch is the fastball. 

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