Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Week's Worth

As of this week, I have an official weekly column to write, which should be interesting.  A monthly column doesn't sneak up on me, but a weekly . . . it's going to be interesting.  And the fact that I'm getting paid for my weekly makes it all the more interesting yet.  I've got to produce.  Good material.  Every week.  Fifty-two columns in as many weeks.

Writing a weekly column (just like a sermon) is cause for both indigestion and consternation.  When one is producing by the week, one wants to have something compelling to say or write.  There has to be at least a hint of interesting material, or people won't return.  A dud sermon--people just tune me out and tune in to listen to Creflo Dollar.  A dud column--and people quite reading mid-sentence or they give up reading all-together and move on to Better Homes & Gardens.

Still, I love the challenge.  It's sort of like having to make romance to my wife every week.  I know I've got it in me, but it takes a lot of coffee, nerve, and a fair amount of coaxing during reruns of Gomer Pyle.  And sometimes, when my writing is not hitting on all cylinders, it's like my wife telling me "better luck next time."

Naturally, I'll have to work ahead on these weekly entries.  Perhaps I'll write two at a time, or three, or four . . . .

A week, after all, only has seven days.


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