Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cotton Candy World

Recently I wrote an article about cotton candy and received quite a bit of feedback about it.  Evidently, cotton candy is a popular treat--and not just among the state fair and circus or freak show crowds--but among your normal, every day folks who enjoy visiting the dentist and getting their teeth drilled.

Others seemed surprised to be reading about cotton candy . . . and wondered why anyone would take the time to write about it at, oh, say . . . 2 a.m. on a Tuesday?  What would compel a writer like me to even think about writing an article about cotton candy?  What, do I have cotton candy on the brain?  Why am I not writing about important matters like the World Series, or the rapid decline of cork trees in South America, or how to make a decent cup of coffee?  Why write about cotton candy?  Cotton candy?

Listen . . . I write about a multitude of subjects.  I write about things that interest me--and I write even more about the things that don't interest me, or about things I know nothing about.  As 2012 winds to a close, I look back and see that I've written--and published material--about subjects like:

* God
* Jesus
* Cancer
* Smallmouth Bass fishing
* Beavers
* Mrs. Lulu Buzzard (more on her later!)
* Woodpeckers
* Road Kill
* Amador County, CA wineries
* Wine appreciation
* Writing & Publishing
* My daughter's wedding
* Wedding anniversaries
* Church finances & stewardship
* Grant writing
* Youth Group games
* Donut dunking
* An easy four-step procedure men can use to check their own testicles
* God
* Jesus

And I'm not even going to list here . . . oh, why not . . . writing like:
* my blogs
* some personal memoirs
* science fiction stories
* mystery/suspense stories
* literary stories
* an array of devotional material
* monthly and weekly columns
* several book proposals
* poems
* book reviews

So . . . cotton candy?  Why not!  And by the time I come to my senses, I'll probably have a dozen ideas to write about tonight and, if I'm really tired, who knows where that kind of exhausted mindset might take me . . . .


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