Monday, October 29, 2012

Car Notes

Traveling this past weekend, I spent considerable time taking notes and recording information for what I hope will be a travel book.  It was fun taking these notes, as I was not the one driving.

I did, however, get rather car sick at one point among the rolling hills of Kentucky.  Looking out the window at all of those horse pies made me rather queasy, and the words on the page seemed to float along like water.  I had to stop, then walk around for a few minutes before I lost my cookies.

Deciphering my notes will be tricky business, however.  I'll need to get at these in a timely manner, and I have some late nights ahead of me this week if I am to stay on top of my memory.  Hence the note pads filled with scrawls.

I also returned home to a plethora of emails from various editors (mostly rejections) and several from my agent.  I even had one from a publicist who is eager for me to send along some photographs.

Gone three days and now I'm behind an entire week.

I'm never sure if I can afford these vacation/trips.  I always have to hook myself up to a car battery to jump start my life again.  And those notes . . . I can't forget about those notes!  I hope my writing is legible.  Most of what I wrote was in my sleep.

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