Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mail Me

Much has changed in the world of submissions in the past two years . . . the most apparent being that the majority of magazines and journals (and even book publishers) now have online or email submission procedures.  Much of what I write these days is submitted at the press of a button.

However, there are still throwbacks.  

This past week I submitted a couple of articles via the post office.  That requires envelopes, stamps, and a moist tongue.

But I was prepared.  Since I used to carry ample supply of mailing items, it was easy locating my boxes in the closet.  Stuff.  Seal.  Post.  Wait.

Well, but I've learned to love the email submission process.  It certainly speeds things up as far as the writer is concerned.  Any time I don't have to lick an envelope, I'm elated.

Some day I expect that the online submission process will be universal.  My supply of envelopes and stamps will disappear.  The ink in my printer will dry up.  And then . . . who knows.

Eventually we may be able to talk face-to-face with editors half-way around the world.  

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