Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Live Long and Prosper

I noted last night that my science fiction story, "The Sea and All That is In It", was published in Morpheus Tales, a British fantasy magazine.  I thank the editors for including me--this is one of those stories that I knew someone would appreciate . . . and one of the best science fiction stories I've written in the past 3-4 years.

Of course, we are living in an age of science . . . so not all science fiction is futuristic.  Some of my stories deal with the challenges of modern-day life, or questions posed by a guy like me.  Questions like:

Where can you find a really good Reuben, and if one doesn't exist, could it be teleported from, say, the future to Shapiro's?

What would happen if I were abducted by aliens?  Would they probe me?  And if they did, would the find anything that would advance their knowledge of inter-stellar space flight or would they just chuck the probe findings into The New England Journal of Medicine?

If I could go back in time and become a younger man, would my wife recognize me and would she still call me "Your Royal Highness"?

What if I wrote a science fiction story dealing with a dartboard that was actually like a Russian Roulette wheel that controlled the universe?  Would this change Calvin's thought on God as the divine parade-master?

Why does my wife give me strange looks when I tell her I'm writing a story about a futuristic society in which all men have twelve wives and all of these women are named "Bambi"?

Would a sane man do this?


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