Monday, December 12, 2011

To Russia, With Love

Since mid-November I've noted that over 30% of the daily visitors to this blog live overseas.  England is a mainstay, as is India, the Netherlands, and the Philippines.  And as the elections in Russia have heated up and the mercury has taken a dive, an increasing number of readers in the former Soviet Union have been needing this blog, evidently, to make it through the winter of discontent.

I thank you for reading.  Enjoy your Vodka . . . but all things in moderation!  Don't smoke too much (or better yet, trade your Camels for carrot sticks). 

For some reason, my readership has been growing through the winter months.  Perhaps it is because people need a laugh in order to find a little sunshine.  Or maybe it's other writers.  Or perhaps it is because I talk so often about donuts . . . evidently a food staple that people all over the world can identify with.  Or, it could be because this blog translates so well through the Universal Translator operated by Lieutenant Uhura.

Regardless, I'm glad to be of service . . . which is the same thing I tell my wife each day.  Use me!

Perhaps as you begin a new day--whether in New Delhi, Moscow, London, or that little town in Indiana (U.S.A) where people still think of their 1991 Caprice wagon as a "new car"--you'll enter the fray with a smile on your face and a lucky penny in your pocket.

Eat a jelly donut, kiss your wife, tell your teenage son he's got five months left on his lease.  And on a really cold day, or when you are released from the gulag, visit again.

I plan to be here.  Writing.   

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