Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from Todd

What a difference a year makes.  Here in central Indiana our snowfall has been minimal compared to last year, when we had already received over 8 inches of accumulation before Christmas.

Still, many people are dreaming of a white Christmas . . . why we'll never know. 

As I wish everyone, however, a very Merry Christmas, I thought I would whip up a poem about snow.  Here's one I created just this morning on a whim . . . a bit of light verse, and not a bad one for fifteen minutes of effort.

Call it my Christmas Eve gift.  But you can keep your snowy dreams to yourself.

Snow Co.

I've heard it said that Eskimo
Have literary skills for snow:
Vast words that parse accumulation
Like earthquakes numbered to the Haitian.

However, scholars know Inuit
Assigns no more than we do to it,
Allowing us who hate our snow
To thumb noses at the Eskimo.

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