Saturday, December 20, 2008

Writing Christmas Emails

Why does it seem that Christmas (at least the "family together" part) gets more complex with each passing year? Over the past two weeks, I've been exchanging emails with many in the family, trying to work out an answer to the simple question: When are we getting together?

So far, here's all that I know.

If the weather holds up nicely on Christmas eve, we have the firm committment of a strong maybe with overtures of possibility that my inlaws may arrive to spend the night and celebrate Christmas with us on Christmas day. However, in the event of snow or prevailing winds, we will likely get together earlier in the week (before Christmas Eve) unless someone gets the sniffles or either of my children have other plans . . . and in that case all bets are off and we may get together at some time between Christmas and New Year's day at a time and location to be named later. Now . . . as for my parents, they would like to see us the day after Christmas, but there has already been strong disappointment expressed that it couldn't be arranged earlier, and if we do get together the day after Christmas it is an unwritten and unspoken expectation that we will spend the night and drink Folgers coffee the following morning while watching the squirrels eat out of the bird feeders and everyone gathered around the fireplace will bathe in the glow of utter civility and tranquility and all that Merry Christmas jazz. And if this doesn't work out, they will drive over and see us whenever the roads are clear . . . Ho, Ho, Ho.

Happy planning!

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