Friday, May 30, 2014

More LImericks for Annual Conference

And still more frivolity . . . with apologies attached.

A pastor with ninety tattoos
Gave up drugs, and women, and booze
So he inked in his cleft
(The only space left)
"Repent" and "Receive the Good News!"

A pastor from Kalamazoo
Cloned herself eighty times, then a few.
But still she lost track
Of herself from the back
'Till she met herself as the zoo.

A pastor from Myrtle Beach
Wore a thong in the pulpit to preach
But the people grew edgy
After he got a wedgie
And his sermons were more like a screech.

A circuit rider from Leese
Came down with mad cow disease
He ate nothing but grass
And that's what he passed
Then became infested with fleas.

A pastor who worked half the time
Preached all of his sermons in mime
And he said not a word
That anyone heard
But his sermons, they say, were sublime. 

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