Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Open Invitation

Have you ever wondered what a six-hour root canal felt like?  Have you ever longed to be understood and accepted by complete strangers?  Have you ever thought to yourself:  "Self! I should enroll in a writing course?"

Well . . . if you have asked any of these questions, or any other question for that matter, let me invite you to enroll in my writing class:

This Thursday, Indiana Conference Center (301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Indy)
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(Sign up at inumc.org)
Or, if you call the conference office (317-924-1321), simply ask to take the class with "the weird guy leading the class that provides the Panera Bread lunch on Thursday."

I hope to see you there.

You'll learn lots of fancy writing tricks like:
     Five easy steps to dotting an i.
     Ten little-known facts about the least-used letter of the English alphabet.
     Four household uses for leftover printer ink.
     Recipes that will keep you up all night.
     Seven common misconceptions about writers and how these people differ from marine biologists.  (Answer #1:  Writers are better lovers.)

As you can see, this class will provide the answers you've been looking for . . . and parking is FREE.  Moreover, you can bring your own works-in-progress to review with your peers and there will be plenty of time for question and answer about "how to get published" or "how do I get red wine stain out of shag carpet?"

And, if you call the conference office before Midnight Tonight, you'll also receive personal advice from the presenter.  But wait . . . there's more!  If you do make the drive, you'll get not one, but two hours of personal instruction. 

Don't forget to sign up!  This Thursday.  Indiana Conference Center.  9 a.m.  

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