Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back to the Future

A few weeks ago Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP (thanks, Mr. Gates!).  Unfortunately, my work computer AND my writing computer operate on the XP software and I am now experiencing multiple problems trying to write, email, and otherwise do my business.

Fortunately for me I have a backup:  my 16-year-old Compaq (aptly named "Old Sparky" since the monitor often bursts into flames, but continues to run).  Yes, folks, I'm back to writing on a computer with floppy disks. 

The last time I had this computer in for service (I was worried about the flaming monitor) the technician told me, "You'll never have to worry about this thing giving out. It has three fans, a monitor that was made to last, and even though the floppy drive is broken you can still remove the disks with an ink pen cap."  Basically, I can still depend on this old standby to keep me writing till the cows come home.

And that's a good thing.

I completed a new book on Tuesday night (yes, another one!) and here on Wednesday night I am preparing to stay up all night in order to complete another book (yes, number two in two days...perhaps a record for me).  My wife's comment:  "I don't know how you do it . . . but you are certifiably nuts."

But here's the kicker.  Also had an email tonight for a third book that I must complete before June 6 . . . one of my whoppers that will require a complete reading, line editing, proof-readers notations.  Oh, and I also must create a full index for my massive book from scratch.  A first for me . . . but I've got the index cards to swing it.

I'm not giving Bill Gates the satisfaction (yet) by buying another computer with his unsupported junk on it.  I'll keep working on Old Sparky in the near future while I finish these three books in less than a month.  (Yes, gotta be a record for me!)  But I'm not worried.  When the monitor catches on fire, I'll have a spray bottle to put out the flames.  The screen may flicker, but I've got too much writing to complete to worry about buying a new computer at this point.

Onward to the promised land.  One floppy disk at a time.

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