Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How I Spent My Memorial Day

Much to do, and so little time.

But I did "sleep in" . . . rising at 7:50 a.m., which is very late for me.  I made coffee and then went to work reading another chapter of Updike, the new biography by Adam Begley.  Then, helped wife set flowers and spread mulch.

Mid-afternoon Becky and I kayaked White Lick creek, putting in around 800 North and sashaying back to our own yard in about an hour.  Had to port around trees twice, but otherwise it was a nice run with a few challenging white water veins.

Late afternoon was spent preparing the index for my next book--The Other Jesus--due out in late September.  I usually pay someone to prepare the index, but this time I thought I would do the dirty work myself.  And so, a few hundred alphabetized index cards and another galley read later, I'm the proud owner of an index.  All I have to do now is type it to format.

And, since Becky worked all afternoon and evening writing as well . . . we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. 

Memorial day.  Reading.  Writing.

Not a bad combination.  I even parked in a cemetery after we unloaded the kayaks and paid my respects at one grave. 

A great country. 

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