Sunday, February 2, 2014

Game Time

For years now I've used the S**** B*** as an opportunity to read, write and research . . . and this year will be no different.  And now that the commissioner and the NFL have made it clear they will pursue legal action against anyone who uses the official term S**** B*** to describe their party, gathering or family event, I'm even more eager to steer clear of the hype.

So, I'll just read my S**** B*** books.  I've got my S**** B*** nachos.  I've got my S**** B*** drinks.

I also plan to write on my S**** B*** computer.  But I won't write about the S**** B***.  That would be too risky.  S**** B***! I might get sued.

Four years ago I read an entire book during the game.  I even remember the title of that book.  It was The Cheapskate's Guide to Life.  Still have it (somewhere).  That was a S**** B*** book!  

Not sure how the game will turn out, but I don't plan to be dormant.  S**** B*** I might accomplish something significant.  

Now, please excuse me . . . I've got to get back to those S**** B*** sandwiches.  They are S**** B*** good!  

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