Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I Know About Publishing

This Thursday I will be leading a writer's workshop (hope to see YOU there).  It's been over twelve years since I taught one of these things, and since that time I've come a long way as a writer . . . I mean I've really grown in my knowledge. Twelve years ago I thought I had publishing figured out.  NOW I know nothingNUSSING!  That's growth!

Those who attend the workshop will find me standing up front, pretending to be a leader . . . but what they will discover is that I'm a learner.  I'm still learning this business of writing and publishing. A business, by the way, that has changed dramatically in just the past decade.  In fact, some people have described these changes, and their import and weigh, as no less dramatic than the invention of the printing press centuries ago.

So, if you do attend the workshop, don't arrive hoping to be dazzled.  What I do hope you will receive is some solid insight about writing, how to write better, or for those who are interested, how to navigate the crazy and ever-changing landscape of publishing.

Oh, and bring a work-in-progress.  This is a workshop.  So, we will work.

As zany as it sounds, there are now more opportunities for writers than ever before.  Yes, everything has changed.  But so has the number of people out there who can write well.  There are millions of people who can text . . . fewer who can write a coherent and editor-friendly paragraph.

So, if you are one who can carry a theme forward through a 1500-word essay, or who can write a decent book proposal, or who has the chutzpa to meet a deadline as a blogger, a columnist, or an op-ed expert . . . you might have a future in this lucrative lifestyle that could net you upwards of $15.97 a month.

But don't take my word for it, listen to these glowing testimonials.

I was floundering (literally, I was a flounder fisherman) before taking Outcalt's workshop.  Afterwards, I gave up my day job and decided to go-for-broke.  And that's exactly what I got.  Broke! But I'm still writing.
        Ralph W. of Boston

Outcalt doesn't know much, but he does have some delightful PowerPoint slides.  I especially liked the one with the toilet.  Made me thankful for indoor plumbing.  That's where I do my best writing.  It's a great place to sit and think and the acoustics are wonderful for whistling.
         Stew B. of Crabapple, Maryland

Before taking Outcalt's class I didn't know a gerund from a regular ol' noun and my verbs were atrocious.  Now I'm writing like that British woman who made millions on her Hogwarts books.  I've written eighteen novels in twenty-two days and haven't slept yet.
          Janice Q. of Floodbucket, Wyoming


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