Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Mini Marathon

It's a fact: while my wife and her friends were walking in the Mini Marathon on Saturday, I was engaged in equally rabid exercise of my own (though completely sedentary and fueled by coffee).  Rising at 6:00 a.m. I did manage to complete the following in eight hours:

* A sermon outline
* Two book reviews
* A wine travel article (based on wine travel from the day before--with accompanying photos)
* Two 1000-word essays, which I am confident will be selected for anthology publication
* Follow-up correspondence with editors and consultants
* Poetry submissions to five journals
* this blog

In addition to this foray into the peace-and-quiet, I also received a rather large shipment of books (some for review, some I had ordered) which are now piled high on the coffee table--and which my wife will soon order me to remove pending legal papers.

Naturally, I won't remove them.  Let her have her lawyer.  I will write an essay about the experience and find a publisher.

Of course, my wife will return from her 13 mile trek eager to tell me how much her body aches, and how I can assist her in relaxation techniques.  And if I'm not still writing my essay, "Making Art with Earwax", I might help her out.

Otherwise, I'll just put another pot of coffee on the burner and write until my fingers turn blue.  I'm not eating right now, and all of this writing is melting the pounds. 

There's an essay here, too.  But that's for another Saturday.


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