Friday, May 10, 2013

After Class

I enjoyed "leading" a writers' class on Thursday and I hope everyone who participated learned a few things.  I know I did.

If there was one thing I would hope to relate to others it would be:  keep writing.  And as far as publishing goes:  keep submitting.

No doubt the publishing world keeps getting larger, and there are now many opportunities of an international variety (which we did not even discuss).

Upon arriving home, for example, I received an email from an editor in England who informed me that he was accepting one of my short stories for publication.  A story I had written at least five years ago entitled, "Big Country." 

So there . . . I took a dose of my own medicine.  I had forgotten about this story, about this submission, but when the affirming word arrived, there was a momentary jab of elation.  Then . . . on to other projects.

That's another thing about writing.  You can't get too high.  You can't get too low.  Best to remain a boring, mid-life, run-of-the-mill writer.  Nobody's gonna bug me.  Not even my wife. 

Just keep the light on and put on another pot of coffee.

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