Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sleep on It

My wife was the first to notice.  "You look tired," she said.  "I feel tired," I admitted. 

She suggested I take a break from my writing assignments. 

Well, okay.  It's difficult writing when one is exhausted . . . I admit it.  But I've written entire books while in a stupor.  I've written whole novels with screaming infants on my lap.  I've written without eating; I've written in the heat; I've written in the rain.  And I've also written a great deal of material without sleep.

Still, I am tired.  And I'm sleeping on a great many projects right now. I'm letting them brew.  I'm covering them up and in a few days I'll dig them up again and see if there is any life remaining.

Last night was tough, however.  I have several writing assignments under firm deadline, and I could have worked well into the night on several, but I didn't.   Instead, I ate popcorn, told a really corny joke to Logan, and then hit the sack early.

Rested?  Hardly.  But it was good to let the words steep for a bit.  This way, they'll be much stronger when they hit the page.

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