Friday, March 9, 2012

Bird Ball

I ran across a used book this week which I snatched up and have stashed on my shelves:  Bird on Basketball, by Larry Bird and John Bischoff.  Although I am an Indiana State alumnus and was caught up in the "Birdmania" of 1979, I've never met Mr. Bird, but John Bischoff and I spent much time together when I was in Terre Haute, and a great deal of this time was spent shooting hoops and discussing this book.

This was back in the days when I could slam dunk, and also weighed in at a lithe 185 pounds, but John Bischoff was a friend of Larry's and could shoot the lights out on the dimly lit court in the parsonage yard where we often played.  I was elated when he finished this book with Larry Bird, and John and I often discussed the book following choir practice while we shot hoops and trash-talked.  After reviewing the book again this week, it's obvious that this title could still serve as a textbook for any basketball team in the country.  In these pages Larry Bird describes the nature of the game and breaks it down into understandable components (dribbling, shooting, rebounding, etc.).   It's old school, but that's not necessarily a bad thing these days.

It was a joy discovering this book . . . again.  Brought back many memories for me.  Makes me proud to be an ISU alumnus. 

The book almost makes me want to pick up a ball again, just in time for March Madness . . . if only my shoulders and knees would cooperate.  The only thing I can do these days is carry the water bottles.   

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