Thursday, October 3, 2013

Christmas Story

For the past twenty years I've written an annual Christmas story.  But this year I seem to be having trouble with motivation.  I am beginning to doubt if there truly is a Santa Claus . . . or, more specifically:  if writing another story is worth the trouble to the people who might want to read it.

At any rate, after talking to a few folks about my dilemma, I'm even more confused.  To write, or not to write--that is the question.

If I were to write a story, I have one in mind. It would be entitled, "Up the Chimney" . . . which is not as provocative as "Up Yours", but then all literature has to give a little more these days.

So, let me turn to my five blog readers and see if there is any interest in this dram of Christmas cheer.  I can mail copies to interested parties, but I also do bar mitzvahs and catering. 

Anyway, drop me a line if you just have to have another one.  And if the interest just isn't there this year, I will stop the presses and concentrate on other matters . . . such as metalcraft and cross-stitching. 

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