Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's a Mystery

At the beach, I also enjoyed The Best American Mystery Stories 2011, edited by Harlan Coben.  This anthology, also a part of the "Best American series", is another fine volume, though I thought the offerings this year were not as strong as some past collections.  Among the crew, I found Ed Gorman's "Flying Solo" to be one of the most enjoyable reads:  a story about two widowers, both time-worn and weary cops who are, at the tail end of the lives and their losses, still trying to make a difference.

I'm most familiar with this yearly anthology as a writer, as I've had two stories selected by magazine editors who graciously offered my stories to represent their magazines and stand in for consideration (neither of which made the cut into the anthology, not even as honorable-mentions).  Oh well, but back to the drawing board to write more mystery and suspense!

I am also grateful and elated to have had another mystery story published in 2012, just a few weeks ago, and I always hold out the hope that one of my little pieces of mayhem will be recognized some day by dear Mr. Penzler, the series editor.

In the meantime, I have a long list of story titles and themes that I'm still working through, stories in various stages of dress and undress.  Some are science fiction, others mainstream, and more than a few would be categorized as crime, mystery or suspense.

A writer could do worse.  The most important factor, or course, is to keep striking the keys.

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